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Interest Compounding ETH Index (icETH)



Variable APY

The Interest Compounding ETH Index (icETH) enhances staking returns with a leveraged liquid staking strategy. Built on Set’s battle-tested leverage token infrastructure, icETH multiplies the staking rate for stETH while minimizing transaction costs and risk associated with maintaining collateralized debt in Aave. Token holders retain spot exposure to ETH and amplify staking returns up to 2.5x.


Market Cap


Current Supply

Streaming Fee


minting / Redeeming Fee

0.00% / 0.00%

Underlying Tokens

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Debt & Collateral is accessed via



icETH enhances the effective return on ETH staking rewards. The end user does not have to worry about:

Forfeiting liquidity or utility of their ETH in order to maximize yield.
Managing a leveraged loan 24/7 due to the high correlation between collateral and debt assets.
Monitoring liquidation ratio for the underlying Aave positions because of automated rebalancing and safety mechanisms

icETH has several key advantages over competing products and services:

Lowest fees and highest effective return on ETH in DeFi today.
Zero slippage via composable entry and exit.
Emergency, incentivized deleveraging during Black Swan events for additional safety.

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