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Our ERC-20 tokens are fully composable. Integrations are as simple as integrating the token logo and contract address on your platform and purchasing the tokens on a DEX.

Contact our friendly Partnerships Team to integrate Index Coop products or discuss custom partnerships. Intermediaries offering Index Coop products must comply with our Terms of Service

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Case Study

"Index Coop helps our users maximize their returns without the hassle of managing complex strategies.

With their tokenized indexes, integration is a breeze and advanced DeFi strategies like dsETH and icETH are just a tap away. Their powerful yet user-friendly products have truly made investing in DeFi accessible to all"

Adam P.

Growth Lead at Argent

Partnership Snapshot

February 2023

Case Study

"Index’s products are the easiest way to get passive diversification for Zerion’s citizens. Anyone with a non-custodial wallet can buy Index’s structured products with the best rates in a single swap with Zerion. Index’s composable architecture lets smart wallets like Zerion become portals into market-leading investing strategies!"

Adam P.

Zerion Product Director

Add new sources of revenue to your business

We have a compliant, simple revenue share program partners can use to share in the revenues their users generate.

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Our Team

Meet the team

Our partnerships team are seasoned professionals who are here to help.

Jordan Tonani
Jordan leads CeFi integrations, product partnerships, and institutional business. Before stepping into this role, he spent time at Morgan Stanley, where he provided advisory services to both retail and institutional clients.

Crews Enochs
Crews leads DeFi Partnerships, DAO relations, and media & distribution partnerships. His prior experience includes working with supply chain and business intelligence software.

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At Index Coop, we believe in the power of collaboration and strategic partnerships to drive the growth and adoption of DeFi.

We offer bespoke partnership opportunities to select partners. Intermediaries offering Index Coop products must comply with our Terms of Service.

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