DeFi doesn’t have to be complicated.

Unlock powerful sector, leverage and yield-earning strategies with our simple index tokens.

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Our sector, yield and leverage tokens offer accessible exposure to complex on-chain strategies.
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Our products are simple, accessible and secure


Our ERC-20 tokens make it simple to alter your exposure or strategy. By abstracting complex strategies into a single token, we reduce the number of overall transactions users make, saving time, fees and effort.


Our products are built on audited blockchain protocols, like Set Protocol and Index Protocol. We also do rigorous due diligence on all our strategies, and make our products available via qualified custodians like Fireblocks, BitGo, Gemini and Coinbase Custody.


Our products are available to trade on-chain 24/7, via liquid decentralized exchanges, custodians and wallets. All of our products are composable, and available for use throughout the DeFi ecosystem.

Easy access for institutional buyers

DeFi can be difficult to access for institutions. We make it easy for institutions of any size to gain access to digital assets.

Our proprietary self-issuance capability provides the deepest liquidity in all of DeFi. And our partner custodians make it simple for institutions to purchase and hold our digital assets.