Diversified ETH Yield

The Diversified ETH Yield Index ($icDEY) will feature a multi-strategy composition designed to outperform the benchmark staking rate for ETH including leverage staking, liquidity providing, and other ETH-related strategies. It will be the first Index Coop product deployed natively on Base. icDEY will be the first multi-strategy ETH yield product built by the Index Coop. Its objective is to outperform the benchmark staking rate and concentrate the composition in the highest-yielding strategies available on Base. The initial composition will be spread across the following strategies: Leveraged cbETH Staking - accessed via a nested setToken built on Aave v3 on Base Liquidity Providing - accessed via Uniswap v3 / Arrakis on Base Liquid Staking - accessed via LSTs that are liquid on Base.