Our Roadmap

The Index Coop DAO operates in an innovative and fast-moving space.  Behind the scenes we are constantly experimenting with potential product ideas and protocol improvements.  

This page is intended to keep our community apprised of our progress. We know not every product we work on will be a success, but we can all learn from each and every experiment. Our products are restricted from restricted persons - including US persons - as defined in our Terms of Service and Tokens Restricted From Restricted Persons pages.

Our Product team is actively researching products in this category. Not every product in this category will ultimately be developed.


Our Engineering team is working on building the products in this category.

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Products in this category have been deployed onchain but are not yet widely available according to our Terms of Service. These products may still require some testing.

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Protocol Upgrades

We believe continual improvement is crucial for long-term success. To this end, the Index Coop DAO actively engages in protocol upgrades to enhance the overall infrastructure. These upgrades are carefully designed to improve scalability, increase security, and extend functionality.

While these protocol advancements may not always be as visible as new product offerings, they are a vital part of our longterm vision. Detailed information about upcoming protocol upgrades can be found on the Index Coop roadmap, reflecting their importance in our strategic planning for sustained competitiveness in the decentralized finance market.

The Sandbox

DeFi is a ever-evolving space. As a result, the Index Coop DAO is committed to experimenting boldly with potential product ideas. With that in mind, we may deploy tokens onchain that are purely experimental.

While these products are technically available onchain, we do not market them to the public. If you are interested in experimenting with innovative but unproven products, you may purchase these products in the Index Coop app.  However, the Index Coop DAO does not consider these products ready to be widely distributed.