Market Neutral Yield ETH Index (MNYe)



The Market Neutral Yield ETH Index (MNYe) from the Index Coop automates a continuous basis trading strategy that returns a high, price neutral yield to token holders. Built using Set’s integration with Perpetual Protocol on Optimism, MNYe contains a fully hedged ETH position, with equivalent spot exposure and short exposure via perps. Token holders will earn a variable USDC return when the funding rate is positive, while removing all exposure to price volatility of the underlying asset. For interest, please contact: [email protected]


Market Cap


Current Supply

Streaming Fee


minting / Redeeming Fee

0% / 0.30%

Underlying Tokens

Optimistic ETH
USDC logo
USDC (Staked)
USDC logo
Wrapped Ethereum logo
vETH (Debt)
Yield is accessed via:



The Market Neutral Yield ETH Index from the Index Coop enables token holders to access a price neutral, stablecoin-denominated yield by automating a basis trading strategy on the Perpetual Protocol ETH market.

MNYe has several key features:

Automation - management of underlying spot and perp positions are automated.
Compounding Yield - yield accrues to the token’s value over time and is compounded weekly.
Composability - ERC20 token that can be freely integrated, issued, redeemed, and exchanged across DeFi.
Accessibility - abstracts a sophisticated trading strategy into a single token

Initial Parameters

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