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If you are a Restricted Person, you may not purchase or otherwise acquire our restricted tokens. Our website restricts trading of restricted tokens by Restricted Persons. All website users, including Restricted Persons, must read our Terms of Service and list of Tokens Restricted for Restricted Persons.

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Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH)



Variable APY

The Diversified Staked Ethereum Index (dsETH) is an index token of the leading Ethereum liquid staking tokens. The index methodology weights the component tokens according to their degree of decentralization.


Market Cap


Current Supply

Streaming Fee


minting / Redeeming Fee

0.00% / 0.00%

Underlying Tokens

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The objective of the dsETH methodology is to give token holders diversified exposure to ETH liquid staking tokens, with a weighting that favors decentralized liquid staking protocols as measured by the number of node operators as well as the distribution of stake across node operators.

To begin, constituents are equally weighted before adding a NodeOperator Factor, which benefits staking protocols with more active node operators. An HHI (or Herfindahl-Hirschman Index) Factor is  then added, which measures the concentration of stake and broader competition amongst active node operators within each protocol.


Token Inclusion Criteria




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