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Diversify Your Portfolio. Decentralize The Network. | 1/25 Newsletter

Read on for more information about how to buy dsETH.

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Diversify Your Portfolio. Decentralize The Network.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our next index token: the Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH)!

dsETH is an index of the leading Ethereum liquid staking tokens. Holders of dsETH earn staking yield while incentivizing liquid staking protocols to be more efficient and decentralized.

At launch, dsETH is composed of rETH (Rocket Pool), wrapped stETH (Lido), and sETH2 (StakeWise).

Read on for more information on dsETH, including:

  • How to buy dsETH
  • Upcoming events where we’ll discuss dsETH
  • A deep-dive into dsETH methodology

— The Index Coop team

The Right Purchase Path For Your dsETH Buy

Depending on how much dsETH you intend to purchase and whether you want to purchase dsETH on-chain or off, dsETH is available on various platforms.

Here are some basic instructions on where and how to buy dsETH.  If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via Discord.

For trade sizes less than 35 dsETH:



  • Wallet -Argent (currently found in the Swap crypto section)

For trade sizes larger than 35 dsETH:

Purchase is available via Flash Mint on the Index Coop app.  

Learn More About How To Buy dsETH

Gain A Better Understanding of dsETH Methodology

The objective of dsETH is to give token holders diversified exposure to liquid staking tokens with weightings that favor decentralized liquid staking protocols.

To be eligible for inclusion, liquid staking tokens must meet all inclusion criteria, which center around security, transparency, liquidity, and client diversity.

Tokens that meet these criteria are assigned equal weights before applying two factors:

  • the number of node operators supporting a protocol
  • the distribution of stake across those node operators

The Node Operator Factor represents the number of node operators supporting a protocol. It takes the square root of active node operators supporting a protocol and divides it by the sum of square roots for all protocols represented in the index.

As a result, protocols with more node operators receive a greater weight in the index, while protocols with fewer nodes receive a lesser weight.

Get the Details About dsETH

Join Us As We Discuss dsETH and Liquid Staking Tokens

We have two events coming up, where we’ll talk about the strategy behind dsETH and answer any questions from our community.

Index Insiders Community Call

On January 26th, join our Index Insiders community call at 11 am Eastern/4 pm UTC. RSVP here

Members of the Index Coop product team will be there to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the development of dsETH and how this index of liquid staking tokens generates sustainable yield while helping decentralize the network.

Liquid Staking Webinar

Then on February 2nd at 3 pm Eastern/12 pm Pacific, join leaders from Lido, Rocket Pool, StakeWise, and the Index Coop as we discuss the state of the liquid ETH staking sector.

By attending, you’ll learn the following:

  • How liquid staking works
  • The benefits of liquid staking
  • What’s unique about dsETH’s index strategy and how it benefits the Ethereum network

Reserve My Webinar Seat

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