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💸 A guide to earning yield in crypto 💸 | June 15th Newsletter

💸 A guide to earning yield in crypto 💸

💸 A guide to earning yield in crypto 💸

June 15th Newsletter

Hi, there! It’s been a tough week in the crypto markets. During times like these, be sure to take time for yourself and to nurture the relationships that truly matter. At Index Coop, addressing product questions with transparent, helpful answers is core to who we are as a DAO. This week we surface opportunities and a few icETH scenarios for investors from now until the merge. Also, have you wondered how DeFi protocols earn yield? We’ve got an in-depth article that breaks down the different ways passive income can be earned in crypto. Finally, there are some key benefits to buying on-chain structured products. Today, we’ll highlight a few advantages over off-chain crypto index funds.

-@thekindeagle and the Index Coop team

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🧊 Opportunities & answers for icETH investors 🧊

Recent market conditions have led to a sustained deviation between the prices of Lido Staked Ether (stETH) and Ether (ETH). Since stETH is the core component of Interest Compounding ETH Index (icETH), this has resulted in an impact on the price of icETH. While less ideal in the short term, the lower price of icETH does provide a potential arbitrage opportunity. Check out our in-depth article to understand the current pricing of icETH as well as potential future scenarios for investors.

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💸 Investor’s Guide to Earning Yield in Crypto 💸

Where does passive DeFi income come from? Is it sustainable? How are they able to beat the interest rates of my bank? If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. So it's important to have a curious mind and truly understand answers to these questions before going too far down the rabbit hole. Learn about all the different ways you can earn a sustainable yield on your cryptocurrency investments.

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⛓ The Benefits of On-chain Structured Products ⛓

All crypto indices are pretty much the same thing, right? Nope, there are some distinct differences between on-chain structured products and standard "crypto ETFs" that you should be aware of. We dive deep into custody, composability, and the fee savings that are possible when choosing an on-chain crypto index over an off-chain index.

Learn about on-chain strategy tokens here.

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