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Unlock the Potential: Shift Staked ETH to Index Coop Products| 4/12 Newsletter

dsETH, gtcETH, and icETH are great post-Shanghai options.

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! As the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade gets underway, we're thrilled to share insights on unlocking staked ETH and the diverse opportunities this presents.

In this issue, you'll discover:

  • How the Shanghai upgrade is an opportunity to unstake and gain ETH staking yield with index products
  • The buzz around gtcETH on The Daily Gwei
  • Index Coop's unwavering commitment to improving Index Protocol

— The Index Coop team 

Unlocked Staked ETH ➡️ dsETH, gtcETH, icETH

The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade commences today, April 12, and upon completion, over 18 million staked ETH (valued at approximately $35.8 billion) will be unlocked, ultimately injecting more liquidity into the ecosystem.

Holders of unstaked ETH will be motivated to shift their ETH between various liquidity-staking token solutions in pursuit of the highest possible returns in liquidity pools. LST protocols will also be driven to capture market share by ensuring their tokens offer maximum liquidity.

For those looking to save time and diversify their ETH portfolio, Index Coop offers an array of liquid staking index products, including dsETH, gtcETH, and icETH.

Buy dsETH

gtcETH Featured on The Daily Gwei

Anthony Sassano, a well-known figure in the Ethereum community and decentralized finance (DeFi) advocate, recently featured gtcETH in a recent episode of “The Daily Gwei.” 

The Gitcoin Staked ETH Index (gtcETH) is an index token made up of the leading Ethereum liquid staking tokens. In addition to a methodology that encourages decentralization, gtcETH shares staking rewards with Gitcoin to support public goods funding.

Watch The Daily Gwei

Consistently Enhancing Index Protocol

Index Coop is actively working on innovative solutions to reduce issuance costs on the Index Protocol on Ethereum, ensuring accessibility and scalability. 

Solutions under consideration include Yearn-style vaults and deploying Index Protocol to Layer 2, which would dramatically reduce costs. The goal is to provide diversified access to numerous yield sources through a single secure token.

The engineering team at Index Coop has developed "auction rebalancing" to address issues with the rebalancing process and limited trading options. This solution not only promises the best execution but also enables product designers to incorporate a wider array of tokens. 

All future products will benefit from this protocol upgrade, enhancing existing offerings and expanding possibilities for the Index Coop community.

Read The Q1 2023 Update

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