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What’s in the Metaverse Index ($MVI)?

The Metaverse Index is a root capitalization-weighted, liquidity adjusted index that is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports, and business shifting to virtual environments.

Metaverse Index $MVI Token Guide

The Metaverse Index is a root capitalization-weighted, liquidity adjusted index that is designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports, and business shifting to virtual environments.

The universe of $MVI includes tokens within Coingecko’s nonfungible tokens (NTFs), entertainment, virtual reality, augmented reality, and music categories that have market caps in excess of $30m and at least three months of trading history.

16 Current Underlying Tokens in the Metaverse Index

The $MVI currently includes the following tokens in the index:

  • Illuvium ($ILV): is building what is widely expected to be the first AAA blockchain-based game on Ethereum. $ILV is the native governance token.
  • Axie Infinity Shards ($AXS): $AXS is the governance token of, the leading game in the play-to-earn gaming revolution where players battle and breed collectible NFT pets.
  • Enjin ($ENJ): $ENJ is the utility token that powers’s NFT economy. In the Enjin ecosystem, businesses can develop, trade, and monetize gaming NFTs using $ENJ.
  • Decentraland ($MANA): is the first fully decentralized metaverse world where users can create and share in unique digital experiences. $MANA is used in-game as the native currency.
  • The Sandbox ($SAND): is a community-driven platform where anyone can create and monetize games on-chain using voxel NFT assets. $SAND is used to facilitate this vibrant gaming economy.
  • WAXE ($WAXE): is a purpose-built e-commerce blockchain that facilitates NFT value transfer with major partnerships with gaming studios such as Atari. $WAXE is the protocol’s utility token.
  • Audius ($AUDIO): is a music streaming protocol that bridges content creators with their fans. The $AUDIO token is integrated throughout the platform, providing security, feature access, and governance administration.
  • Ethernity Chain ($ERN): is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition NFTs and trading cards from popular NFT artists. The $ERN token is used by collectors to farm rare NFTs.
  • NFTX ($NFTX): is a protocol for creating ERC-20 tokens backed by NFT collectibles, unlocking instant liquidity for what is typically a highly illiquid asset class. $NFTX is the governance token that allows holders to vote on new proposals.
  • Terra Virtua ($TVK): is an immersive platform that allows collectors to purchase digital collectibles and display them in a virtual reality space called the Fancave. $TVK is a utility token for the platform, allowing collectors to earn additional rewards, unlock extra features, and participate in the vibrant collectible economy.
  • Rarible ($RARI): is a creator-centric NFT marketplace where anyone can mint, buy, and sell unique digital goods like artworks, game items, collectibles, and more. The $RARI governance token allows the community to directly participate in governance over the marketplace and its treasury.
  • WHALE ($WHALE): is a social currency backed by rare NFTs. The basket of NFTs underpinning the currency are held in the $WHALE Vault, and include some of the rarest digital assets from Gods Unchained, Cryptovoxels, Sandbox, Avastars, and a variety of digital artists.
  • Decentral Games ($DG): is a DAO-governed Metaverse casino in Decentraland that players own and operate using the ERC-20 governance token, $DG.
  • REVV ($REVV): is an ERC20 token that is used in supported play-to-earn motorsport blockchain games developed by Animoca Brands. These games currently include F1 Delta Time (the official Formula 1 blockchain game), MotoGP (a motorcycle racing game based on MotoGP), and Formula E (an officially licensed game with Formula E).
  • Muse ($MUSE): $MUSE is the governance token of, a protocol that seeks to tokenize NFT assets, making them tradable on decentralized exchanges (e.g. Uniswap or Sushiswap).
  • Meme ($MEME): Birthed from a joke in the heat of DeFi summer, is a meme coin that has grown into a burgeoning decentralized protocol for farming NFTs.

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