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Introducing the INDEX Insiders Program for Tokenholders

Be the first to know Index Coop offers an innovative product roadmap, communication channels for feedback, and exclusive benefits.

As the Coop transitions into this exciting new chapter, we’re doubling down on an innovative product roadmap. Think never before seen sophisticated and sustainable strategies, easy to access.

We’re creating new spaces for communication and engagement between the community and customers, to gather feedback and help inform new product strategy.

We’ve created a members area for Index Product holders - INDEX Insiders.

The member's area is currently open to anyone holding $1k USD equivalent (roughly) $DPI, $icETH, or $INDEX.

As an $INDEX Insider, you can expect:

  • Monthly private member-only communications
  • Fireside product roadmap conversation Q & A with the product team
  • Early access to, and information about new products

How to register:

  • Navigate to and verify yourself in the 🔒INDEX INSIDERS [MEMBERS AREA] channel

What’s next?

In partnership with Hedgey Finance, we’re about to drop a limited edition $INDEX locked NFT mint. INDEX Insiders will be eligible to mint NFTs if they match certain on-chain criteria. We hope to continue growing and evolving the NFT range in the coming weeks and months.

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