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Innovating DeFi: Index Coop Deploys on Base

Why we’re bullish on the future of Coinbase's L2

It is with immense excitement and optimism that we officially announce our decision to deploy our DeFi structured products platform, Index Protocol, on the Coinbase-incubated L2 chain, Base. This move signifies not just an adoption of a new technology, but a commitment to shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Index Protocol

The Index Protocol stands as the foundation of Index Coop's suite of structured financial products. Harnessing the innate composability of DeFi, it enables the creation of dynamic yet robust tokens. Every index token crafted on this protocol can be redeemed permissionlessly for its underlying assets.

Originating as a good faith fork from the Set Protocol V2, the Index Protocol has undergone rigorous audits, ensuring the utmost safety and security for its users. View audits here.

We're not just stopping here. The protocol's extensibility means that we continually integrate cutting-edge features. Recent additions include auction rebalancing techniques and seamless integrations with platforms like Aave v3.

We understand the gravity of such decisions in the rapidly evolving DeFi space. We want to share with our community the reasons underpinning this choice to deploy on Base.

Scalability and Efficiency

One of the primary challenges DeFi platforms have grappled with has been scalability. Base’s L2 solution presents a beacon of hope in this arena. The chain boasts of high transaction throughput and reduced latency. For Index Coop, this means faster product launches, smoother user interactions, and efficient transaction processing.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Ethereum's high gas fees have been a hurdle for many users wanting to participate in DeFi. Base's L2 promises significantly lower transaction costs, making DeFi structured products more accessible to a larger audience, including newcomers and small-scale investors.

Seamless Integration

Base’s compatibility with Ethereum ensures that developers can migrate and integrate dApps without having to revamp their entire codebase. This ease of migration empowers Index Coop to redirect our energy from technical challenges to creating innovative financial products for our community.


Base leverages the security assurances provided by Coinbase, coupled with its own robust consensus mechanisms. This ensures that our users can trust in the integrity and safety of their assets and transactions on the platform.

Strong Backing and Future-Proofing

Coinbase’s backing of Base is not just a testament to its potential but also an assurance of continuous development and updates. Aligning ourselves with such a potent force in the crypto ecosystem ensures that we are future-proofing our offerings and keeping up with the latest technological advancements.

In conclusion, our move to Base’s L2 chain is a carefully considered step toward redefining the future of decentralized financial products. It embodies our commitment to deliver unparalleled user experiences, drive innovation, and ensure a more inclusive and sustainable DeFi ecosystem.

We deeply appreciate the continuous support from our community. This is yet another chapter in our journey, and with your unwavering encouragement, we will keep striving for excellence.

If you’d like to discuss your idea for products and strategies that Index Coop could build on Base, let’s talk in the Index Coop Discord.

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