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Index Coop Announces Zero-Fee Access to Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH)

Boost Ethereum’s decentralisation efforts with this simple, accessible staking index.

We are thrilled to share an important update from the Index Coop. We have slashed the fees associated with our Diversified Staked ETH Index (dsETH) from 25 basis points to ZERO. This is a significant stride towards our mission of facilitating seamless access to staked Ethereum yield while recognising and rewarding the protocols that play a pivotal role in decentralising Ethereum staking.

What does this mean for dsETH holders and the Ethereum community?

Zero-Cost Access to A Diversified Staked ETH Yield Index

By eliminating the fee hurdle, dsETH holders can effortlessly tap into the staked ETH yield without any additional cost. This zero-cost access extends beyond mere cost savings; it represents a philosophy of equitable financial opportunities within the decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

The removal of fees opens up a new realm of possibilities for both novice and experienced holders. It simplifies the staking process, allowing you to direct your full allocation into the staking economy without diluting your returns with fees. As the Ethereum network continues to grow and evolve, we believe that our dsETH holders should benefit directly from the network’s success. Our zero-fee approach is set to encourage broader adoption of dsETH, fostering more robust and diversified participation in Ethereum's staking system.

While dsETH has zero fees, it is important to note that the underlying constituents each collect a percentage of the staking rewards as a protocol fee.

Rewarding Decentralisation Efforts

This initiative also serves as an incentive for the protocols that are tirelessly working to decentralise Ethereum staking. The objective of the dsETH methodology is to provide token holders with diversified exposure to liquid staking tokens. The strategy is designed with a weighting system favouring decentralised liquid staking protocols, determined by the number of node operators and the equitable distribution of stakes across these operators. Together, these measures underscore our commitment to upholding the decentralisation and security of Ethereum staking.

Strengthening Network Security and Participation

With the fee reduction, we envisage a surge in participation in Ethereum's staking, which, in turn, bolsters network security and advances the decentralisation ethos that Ethereum stands for.

Diversification among staking providers dilutes the concentration of power, reducing systemic risks and single points of failure. This enhances Ethereum's security and decentralisation, as no single entity holds excessive influence over the network, ensuring a more robust and democratic blockchain ecosystem.

Setting a Positive Industry Precedent

We believe this move with dsETH sets a welcoming precedent for other DeFi platforms and indexes, potentially paving the way for more competitive fee structures and stirring innovation in the sector.

At Index Coop, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing our services to deliver the utmost value to holders of our products and to make a positive impact on the Ethereum ecosystem. We are thrilled about the possibilities this fee elimination opens for our community.

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