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Enhancing MVI to Capture More Value | 3/1 Newsletter

This week we’re sharing changes made to improve MVI’s methodology.

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Enhancing MVI to Capture More Value

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This week we’re sharing:

  • The changes made to improve MVI’s methodology
  • An opportunity to provide feedback about a potential product
  • The next steps to launching a token to benefit public goods on Ethereum

— The Index Coop team

Enhancing MVI’s Methodology

The Metaverse Index (MVI) is undergoing significant changes in methodology. The objective of the index has changed to reflect the trend of Metaverse and Gaming activities in virtual economies powered by blockchain technology and NFTs.

The eligibility criteria for tokens to be included in the index has been updated, focusing on ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and categorized as Metaverse or NFTs by Messari. A combination of square root market capitalization and decentralized exchange volume will now determine the weight of constituents in MVI.

Ten tokens no longer meeting the updated criteria will be removed, and four new leading projects in their respective categories will be added to the index. The changes aim to provide a more reliable and stable index composition that accurately captures the stated objective.

Learn About MVI’s Updated Methodology

What Do You Think of an ETH-BTC Ratio Product?

We recently published a proposal for a new ETH: BTC ratio product.

Is this something you’d want to hold in your portfolio? We're collecting some feedback for the product to gauge community/customer interest.

Please take 30 seconds to submit the following anonymous survey.

Complete The Survey

Moving Closer To Launching gtcETH

The proposal for Gitcoin and Index Coop to launch the Gitcoin Staked ETH Index (gtcETH) has passed an Index Coop governance vote with 100% “For.”

gtcETH is a token that will provide diversified exposure to the top liquid staking tokens and share a portion of staking rewards with Gitcoin in support of public goods funding.

A Gitcoin community vote will be conducted to request the seed initial liquidity pool requirements. A passing vote will ensure that gtcETH is accessible to those who wish to hold the token and support public goods on Ethereum.

If you hold GTC, visit the Gitcoin Snapshot and vote today.

Vote For gtcETH on Gitcoin Snapshot

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