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DPI / ETH Pool on Quickswap Now Earning $QUICK Rewards!

DPI / ETH Pool on Quickswap Now Earning $QUICK Rewards!

The DeFi Pulse Index just gained a new productive use case on Polygon. Users can earn $QUICK rewards on Quickswap by providing liquidity to the DPI/ETH pair by following the tutorial below.

Liquidity Mining Program Details:

Venue: Quickswap (Polygon Network) Pair: DPI — ETH Pool ID: 0x9f77ef7175032867d26e75d2fa267a6299e3fb57 Rewards: 2 $QUICK tokens/day

Disclaimers / Things to think about:

  • Impermanent Loss Risk
  • No Reliable APY, Potentially Highly Competitive
  • High Gas Costs to Bridge

Now on to the tutorial!

Step 1: Acquire DPI & ETH on the Polygon Network

The two easiest ways to acquire DPI and ETH are swapping and bridging.

  • To Swap: On polygon, Go to Quickswap or Sushiswap (make sure to toggle to Polygon!) to exchange for DPI and ETH.

Step 2: Provide Liquidity to DPI/ETH on Quickswap

Once you’ve sourced DPI and ETH on the Polygon network, make your way over to the Quickswap pool. Use this tutorial to take an LP position.

Step 3: Stake LP Tokens to Earn Rewards

After providing liquidity, you can stake your tokens on the Quickswap interface in order to begin receiving $QUICK rewards.

That’s it, now sit back and earn!

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