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Deprecation of DATA, GMI, MNYe, and Polygon FLI Products

INDEX tokenholders have taken the steps necessary to discontinue further development and support of nine Index Coop products.

Over the past two years, Index Coop has become the market leader in building innovative, structured products. We’ve experimented by building a diverse mix of offerings on different blockchains.

Earlier this year, we received an open letter from stakeholders/investors providing constructive feedback about the current state and future of the DAO. Many substantial changes have taken place to our operations, helping facilitate long-term sustainability.

Along those same lines, our products have undergone a thorough evaluation. We’ve left no stone unturned to ensure that every Index Coop product is aligned with our DAO’s mission and provides substantial value to our customers.

Deprecating GMI, MNYe, DATA, and Polygon FLI products

During this review, it became clear that not all of our products have found product market fit or accumulated significant TVL. Their growth potential does not outweigh the ongoing costs of maintaining and promoting these products. So the DAO and community have taken the steps necessary to deprecate these products.

Today, an IIP passed to discontinue further development and support of nine Index Coop products: Bankless DeFi Innovation Index (GMI), Market Neutral Yield ETH (MNYe), Web3 Data Economy Index (DATA), and the suite of Polygon FLIs (ETH2x-FLI-P, BTC2x-FLI-P, Matic2x-FLI-P, iETH-FLI-P, iBTC-FLI-P, iMatic-FLI-P).

Redemption Paths/Timeline for Holders and Liquidity Providers

We’ve worked diligently to provide a clear timeline and simple redemption paths for all token holders. The three distinct phases of the deprecation and recommended steps for holders to take are:

Phase 1 (October 27, 2022 - November 27, 2022)

  • A 30-day phase begins with no changes to the products
  • Token holders with smaller positions can utilize a decentralized exchange (DEX) like Uniswap, CowSwap, Matcha, or 1inch to perform a swap
  • Token holders with larger positions can use Flash Redeem at to wrap their tokens into the underlying holdings.
  • Note: If price impact or high gas costs become an issue during this phase, holders with small positions are encouraged to hold until the next phase when tokens will be rebalanced into a single asset
  • Liquidity providers withdraw funds from applicable pools

Phase 2 (November 28, 2022 - December 26, 2022)

  • Index Coop will continue supporting users trading and redeeming positions during this phase
  • On November 28th, the underlying tokens of each product will be rebalanced into a single asset:
  • GMI -> USDC
  • MNYe -> USDC
  • DATA -> USDC
  • iETH-FLI-P ->  USDC
  • iBTC-FLI-P -> USDC
  • ETH2x-FLI-P -> wETH
  • BTC2x-FLI-P -> wBTC
  • For example, after the rebalance, DATA will go from holding tokens of 8 data economy protocols to 100% USDC.
  • Token holders can swap these tokens via a DEX or use Flash Redeem at to unwrap into the token’s single asset.

Phase 3 (December 27, 2022 - onwards)

  • Active support ends.

Additional Information

For further details, please read our forum post or reach out to us in the Index Coop Discord for assistance.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. You should not take, or refrain from taking, any action based on any information contained herein, or any other information that we make available at any time, including blog posts, data, articles, links to third-party content, discord content, news feeds, tutorials, tweets, and videos. Before you make any financial, legal, technical, or other decisions, you should seek independent professional advice from a licensed and qualified individual in the area for which such advice would be appropriate. This information is not intended to be comprehensive or address all aspects of Index or its products. There is additional documentation on Index’s website about the functioning of Index Coop, and its ecosystem and community.

You shall not purchase or otherwise acquire our restricted token products if you are: a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise), and/or green card holder, incorporated in, owned or controlled by a person or entity in, located in, or have a registered office or principal place of business in the U.S. (defined as a U.S. person), or if you are a person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, sale, and/or purchase of any of our token products is unlawful, prohibited, or unauthorized (together with U.S. persons, a “Restricted Person”).  The term “Restricted Person” includes, but is not limited to, any natural person residing in, or any firm, company, partnership, trust, corporation, entity, government, state or agency of a state, or any other incorporated or unincorporated body or association, association or partnership (whether or not having separate legal personality) that is established and/or lawfully existing under the laws of, a jurisdiction in which such offer, sale, and/or purchase of any of our token products is unlawful, prohibited, or unauthorized).

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