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Bridging the DeFi Adoption Gap: The Index Coop and Argent Partnership

Promoting widespread DeFi adoption and self-custody is at the heart of the evolving partnership between Index Coop and Argent. 

Join our community call with Argent to learn more about this partnership and its implications:

The past six months of financial markets have been a roller coaster ride. We've witnessed shocking collapses and scandals, and observed the downfall of banks and institutions due to rising debt, interest rates, and insolvency. These instances continue to underline the importance of self-custody, and the need to move away from flawed centralized financial systems.

Fortunately, decentralized financial technology is maturing and providing a viable alternative. However, we still have a long way to go in terms of overcoming hurdles for mainstream adoption. This is where the partnership between Argent and Index Coop comes in, aiming to bridge this gap and facilitate widespread DeFi adoption.

The Argent Experience

Argent offers an exceptional DeFi wallet experience, making it easier for users to achieve self-custody of wealth. The platform simplifies the process of setting up a decentralized wallet, managing private keys/secret phrases, and purchasing and storing funds. On the other hand, Index Coop leads the ecosystem in creating fully on-chain structured products, packaging sophisticated DeFi strategies into a single token.

The Argent x Index Coop Partnership

The partnership means that Index Coop products can be purchased through the Argent Wallet, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of fully on-chain, self-custodied DeFi products with minimal onboarding knowledge or experience. Essentially, if you can set up a PayPal account, you can set up an Argent wallet and access the potential of DeFi and self-custody.

The Future

Argent continues to innovate and simplify the user experience for self-custodying assets, while Index Coop is packaging the most sustainable and progressive DeFi primitives like Ethereum leveraged yield (icETH) and liquid staking (dsETH). These products are all available through a single Index Coop token via the Argent wallet.

If you're interested in accessing these progressive DeFi strategies with minimal friction, join the Index Coop Discord, and we'll guide you through the process. You can also sign up with Argent directly and purchase our products there.

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