Crypto is complex.
Our products make it simple.

Unlock powerful sector, leverage and yield-earning strategies with our simple tokens.

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Our mission is to simplify access to risks and returns in crypto.

Meet our most popular index, inverse/leverage and yield products:


Our sector indices offer diversification across cryptocurrency sectors. They provide unrestricted 24/7 entry and exit, coupled with time, gas, and tax efficiencies.

Leverage / Inverse

Our leverage tokens allow traders to access complex trading strategies with automated risk management in a single click.


Our yield tokens automate on-chain yield generation strategies. They ensure 24/7 access with minimal transaction costs. We integrate diligent checks on components and offer options for various risk appetites.


Partner with us

We welcome the opportunity to work with intermediaries who share our vision of creating a more accessible and inclusive financial system, and we offer bespoke partnership opportunities to select partners.

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“I’m bullish on projects like Index Co-Op, which makes it simple to create a custom index of tokens using smart contracts.”

Ryan Selkis
Co-Founder & CEO at Messari

“Probably one of the most interesting sleeper projects out there to me is $INDEX / @indexcoop.”

Aftab Hossain
Blockchain Platform Advisor / Investor

“I believe that the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) will become the benchmark for all of DeFi.”

Anthony Sassano
Founder of The Daily Gwei

“IndexCoop presents a clear solution with their index products, which de-risk investors, are easy to buy/sell, and are low cost, low maintenance, and tax efficient.”

Kevin Su
Crypto Researcher at Messari

“Index is the market leader for on-chain structured products and enables any DeFi user to get complex exposure that would be difficult to manually replicate”

Lasse Clausen
Founding Partner at 1KX

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